New Playable Build

So I have finally added in all the models to the game and I’m quite proud. I’ve actually seen this project through like I planned and yes there’s been times when I’ve left it and thought about doing something else, but I haven’t, I’ve stuck with it from start to finish.  It’s been a very long time in building and I’ve learnt a lot and the project has changed over time because of that. Sometimes I’ve gone back and rewrote entire pieces of code just because I learnt something new or it looked messy from when I first started it.  The modelling Qubicle has been interesting as well as fun and I never thought I would ever do any modelling so I got to say I enjoyed the experience of it and would definitely use Qubicle again, I would try other modelling tools but I think it would be best to stick with that. As for Unity really like the engine, I followed TornadoTwins years ago when they first made that worm game and the engine has been awesome to use. I would use it again in a heartbeat, but there is always other ones out there that I know of and am very intrigued about using (Including UDK which I have used before). I love making games and I’ve loved doing this. I can now sit back and think about other ideas and projects I could do.

All that’s truly left now is renaming the Credits tab on the load screen into Options and sticking the controls in there so people know how to play it just in case they don’t read it on my site. The other thing on my mind is, I would love to get this out there to people and put it on some indie website for people to download and play, rather than just linking everything to my website. The problem I have though is the Unity licence, yes I can put a build on my site for the odd person to see however I can’t distribute it and for that I need the Pro version. I just wish though I could choose t only purchase the Web part and not have to buy the entire platforms selection. Oh well this is something I have got to take into consideration and maybe think about for another time and do some saving!

Anyway take a look for yourselves and if there’s any ideas or issues let me know. But most importantly….HAVE FUN! 😀


  • W – Forward
  • A – Rotate Left
  • S – Backward
  • D – Rotate Right
  • Spacebar – Shoot
  • B – Boost (When its unlocked)

Productive Weekend

So this weekends been very productive, after going through the game when I put the character models in and creating a list of all the errors being caused and stuff that needed updating I have managed to complete them all. It’s been very tedious with getting the correct sizes of the characters because get the right sizes in such a small screen makes the place look tidy as appose to a mess, especially considering there are so many enemies on the screen.

Another big issue was that a lot of the code was built around the limitations of the game objects I used in placement for while developing, therefore when it came to adding in the actual models, there were plenty of errors. Some of these were to do with collisions, especially in the case of the bosses because at the time in Unity when I grouped a lot of the GameObject the collision of the ‘parent’ object didn’t pass down to the child, so I had to add new scripts or manipulated them in some way. Another issue was that the bonus level hadn’t been touched in a while and in all fairness there were more errors because of it, so this inevitably became the bigger issue.

So the next task is to go back to modelling and start the odd end pieces, meaning the bullets and asteroids. These I have left til the end due to not feeling they were as important as the characters because I wanted to get a great look in the game. Now though I can add to the aesthetics by getting the small pieces built. After that I’ll put a new updated version on my site for people to play and then I’ll move onto porting the game to a mobile version.


Until next time, keep working game developers 😛

The Juggernaut That is….The Blue Boss Complete

So quite a few days ago I last did my post about the juggernaut of a model I wanted to build for the blue boss. I also reckoned that because the other models took a week to complete (due to only spending time on them twice a week), this one would take longer. However after spending time looking at concept art, fantasy drawing and other video game spaceships, I knew what I wanted from it and therefore spent everyday working on it since. This has led to what I think is the best one I have done, practice makes perfect after all and I am in absolute awe over it.


Its made up of three parts, the central command centre and the two tanks on each side. I really do like what I’ve done and get a Titanic type feeling from the two side units, but with ‘wings’ and a massive gun at the front. the two side units themselves are something (in my opinion) you’d see in a game like Halo after fighting away a load of enemy ships, would appear and you’d have to fight that off and a tone more smaller sized ships. Hopefully then the players will also feel this and then get DAAAAAAMN go thought there head, or something of equivalence.

I have also now implemented all the models into the game, making the next thing I have to do is play test it to check collisions, sizing, speeds and overall make sure they fit the game. This could be quite a few days work and I look forward to it. Also something I haven’t given any thought towards in a while is the bonus level, so I’m going to have to check that as well. I may put up a video at some point to show the progression and me play testing the game.

The Juggernaut That is….The Blue Boss Concept

As the title may suggest, I want this blue boss to be the juggernaut of this game, that when players manager to get to it, they think DAAAAMN!


Haha sorry couldn’t resist the Ron Simmons ‘Damn’, but hopefully you get my point. So to do this I have been looking through some concept art of spaceships to get an idea of how to get that ‘damn’ from the players. I have put in the first part of the model, which Im sure I will change and evolve it over the time and it looks good.

Anyway I best get to it!

Green Boss and Blue Basic

This past week has been rather productive really in terms building models for the game, I’ve got two built the green basic enemy and the blue boss (you probably gathered that from the title), I must admit the Green boss is pretty sweet I think. When I first set out to build the green boss I had an idea of a ship that split into three and due different issues I change plan but kept the idea of the bosses look and style, so in a sense it still feels like it could split off at any point but actually doesn’t. The other thing I wanted from it was the look of this game is getting harder and therefore this boss had to be bigger than the last and of course the size of player and basic enemy models.



Now the blue basic enemy idea literally came to me one night when I couldn’t sleep. I had been awake for ages thinking of other things and therefore was trying to get my mind off it, that my mind went to a fantasy world. Sounds really daft but it actually did and all I could think about was this spaceship. Though the colour in my head at the time was not blue, the idea was there. A flat ship with long turrets on each side and the window of the cockpit being connected to the back where the jet engine at the back,


Yes those are canons based on arrow heads, it was just something that must have been in the dream at the same time and to be fair their growing on me 😀


Anyway the Blue boss is next to be thought up, designed and created. This one I want to be even bigger and more meaner, may take a bit longer than a week though so let’s GO!!!

The Modelling – (not that type of modelling)

Right so since the last post I have been concentrating on the models for the game and I am now up to the green boss which leave me with the blue boss and basic designs, as well as the asteroids and projectiles. With model getting done a week it won’t be long until completion and I can finally get back to code…YES!!!!!!!!!

Here’s an image of the ones so far (without the green boss as that’s currently w.i.p).



I’ve mentioned it before, I am using Qubicle Constructor for this and so far I have found it an awesome piece of software to use. For someone whose never made a model before it has been a God send. There’s not much to it, start with a big block of cubes and chip away at it. If I had thought about using something like 3D Max or Maya, well I wouldn’t say I’d give up, I would just take a hell of a long time to build even one of these. Soon these will be in my game and I am expecting to probably need to tweek a few things like scale and possibly the GUI if anything gets in the way of the players view. While talking about scale, as you can hopefully tell from the picture I have tried to keep them all to a similar scale, even the enemies, which will make for an easier task of making them all look okay in the game, in terms of size and you won’t have one which has a giant gun while another has a tiny one.


So in recent weeks, my side projects have taken a back seat to real life, also I have been in between ideas of what is best to do. Yes I have a game that is very close to finish and I want it finished. On the flip side I know I need to practice my C++ and therefore should start a new project to harness those skill. However after much thought, I think it would be much better if I finish the game and have something to actually show for all the work I have put in to it, rather that sitting it on the shelf and doing something else. The other reason is because I kind of started the C++ program without any idea what I wanted to do…well I had an idea but at the same time I didn’t.

So after getting feedback from friends and people on Linkedin in the Unity developers group, I think it might be best to finish the game off. I have added another gameplay element, in asteroids that will fly around the screen and potentially kill the player and I am now also looking at building the models of the characters in Qubicle Constructor. I’ve bought StoneHearth version and have been prating around with it. I’ve made the Player’s model, Red enemy basic and a simple model for the Ally. I have a design idea for the Red boss I will be starting on that in the next few days. As for the green and blue’s I still have yet to think of what they should and will look like, but once the red boss is done I am going to start researching into it and hopefully create some great models.

Anyway, if your bored there’s a link to the game below, have a try and have fun. If you want to leave feedback please feel free to leave a comment.