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So I have been testing for the blue boss level and after just letting the game spawn the enemies without bothering to shot until they are all spawned. It soon occured to me that there are 110 enemies in the last waved. DAMN!!! That’s a lot of enemies, hopefully some people will be able to get to that level. But like I’ve said before, once the basic gameplay is completed, I will go play through several times to get a feel for the game but also to make sure that the numbers of everything equal out. Also adding bonuses here and there for the player to retrieve will tilt the game in their favor anyway. I do wounder though, how many are in the entire game now?

On another note I have also been thinking about the final level which will see the player face all three bosses. The idea may come across as a no win situation but the way I have been looking at it is that the player will score extra points for each hit on any boss and then if they manage to kill one of them they will receive an substantial amount f extra points, dependent on which boss they destroy.  More on this to come though as it  will be very interesting.


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