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So in recent weeks, my side projects have taken a back seat to real life, also I have been in between ideas of what is best to do. Yes I have a game that is very close to finish and I want it finished. On the flip side I know I need to practice my C++ and therefore should start a new project to harness those skill. However after much thought, I think it would be much better if I finish the game and have something to actually show for all the work I have put in to it, rather that sitting it on the shelf and doing something else. The other reason is because I kind of started the C++ program without any idea what I wanted to do…well I had an idea but at the same time I didn’t.

So after getting feedback from friends and people on Linkedin in the Unity developers group, I think it might be best to finish the game off. I have added another gameplay element, in asteroids that will fly around the screen and potentially kill the player and I am now also looking at building the models of the characters in Qubicle Constructor. I’ve bought StoneHearth version and have been prating around with it. I’ve made the Player’s model, Red enemy basic and a simple model for the Ally. I have a design idea for the Red boss I will be starting on that in the next few days. As for the green and blue’s I still have yet to think of what they should and will look like, but once the red boss is done I am going to start researching into it and hopefully create some great models.

Anyway, if your bored there’s a link to the game below, have a try and have fun. If you want to leave feedback please feel free to leave a comment.


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