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The Modelling – (not that type of modelling)

Right so since the last post I have been concentrating on the models for the game and I am now up to the green boss which leave me with the blue boss and basic designs, as well as the asteroids and projectiles. With model getting done a week it won’t be long until completion and I can finally get back to code…YES!!!!!!!!!

Here’s an image of the ones so far (without the green boss as that’s currently w.i.p).



I’ve mentioned it before, I am using Qubicle Constructor for this and so far I have found it an awesome piece of software to use. For someone whose never made a model before it has been a God send. There’s not much to it, start with a big block of cubes and chip away at it. If I had thought about using something like 3D Max or Maya, well I wouldn’t say I’d give up, I would just take a hell of a long time to build even one of these. Soon these will be in my game and I am expecting to probably need to tweek a few things like scale and possibly the GUI if anything gets in the way of the players view. While talking about scale, as you can hopefully tell from the picture I have tried to keep them all to a similar scale, even the enemies, which will make for an easier task of making them all look okay in the game, in terms of size and you won’t have one which has a giant gun while another has a tiny one.



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