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Green Boss and Blue Basic

This past week has been rather productive really in terms building models for the game, I’ve got two built the green basic enemy and the blue boss (you probably gathered that from the title), I must admit the Green boss is pretty sweet I think. When I first set out to build the green boss I had an idea of a ship that split into three and due different issues I change plan but kept the idea of the bosses look and style, so in a sense it still feels like it could split off at any point but actually doesn’t. The other thing I wanted from it was the look of this game is getting harder and therefore this boss had to be bigger than the last and of course the size of player and basic enemy models.



Now the blue basic enemy idea literally came to me one night when I couldn’t sleep. I had been awake for ages thinking of other things and therefore was trying to get my mind off it, that my mind went to a fantasy world. Sounds really daft but it actually did and all I could think about was this spaceship. Though the colour in my head at the time was not blue, the idea was there. A flat ship with long turrets on each side and the window of the cockpit being connected to the back where the jet engine at the back,


Yes those are canons based on arrow heads, it was just something that must have been in the dream at the same time and to be fair their growing on me 😀


Anyway the Blue boss is next to be thought up, designed and created. This one I want to be even bigger and more meaner, may take a bit longer than a week though so let’s GO!!!


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