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The Juggernaut That is….The Blue Boss Complete

So quite a few days ago I last did my post about the juggernaut of a model I wanted to build for the blue boss. I also reckoned that because the other models took a week to complete (due to only spending time on them twice a week), this one would take longer. However after spending time looking at concept art, fantasy drawing and other video game spaceships, I knew what I wanted from it and therefore spent everyday working on it since. This has led to what I think is the best one I have done, practice makes perfect after all and I am in absolute awe over it.


Its made up of three parts, the central command centre and the two tanks on each side. I really do like what I’ve done and get a Titanic type feeling from the two side units, but with ‘wings’ and a massive gun at the front. the two side units themselves are something (in my opinion) you’d see in a game like Halo after fighting away a load of enemy ships, would appear and you’d have to fight that off and a tone more smaller sized ships. Hopefully then the players will also feel this and then get DAAAAAAMN go thought there head, or something of equivalence.

I have also now implemented all the models into the game, making the next thing I have to do is play test it to check collisions, sizing, speeds and overall make sure they fit the game. This could be quite a few days work and I look forward to it. Also something I haven’t given any thought towards in a while is the bonus level, so I’m going to have to check that as well. I may put up a video at some point to show the progression and me play testing the game.


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