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Productive Weekend

So this weekends been very productive, after going through the game when I put the character models in and creating a list of all the errors being caused and stuff that needed updating I have managed to complete them all. It’s been very tedious with getting the correct sizes of the characters because get the right sizes in such a small screen makes the place look tidy as appose to a mess, especially considering there are so many enemies on the screen.

Another big issue was that a lot of the code was built around the limitations of the game objects I used in placement for while developing, therefore when it came to adding in the actual models, there were plenty of errors. Some of these were to do with collisions, especially in the case of the bosses because at the time in Unity when I grouped a lot of the GameObject the collision of the ‘parent’ object didn’t pass down to the child, so I had to add new scripts or manipulated them in some way. Another issue was that the bonus level hadn’t been touched in a while and in all fairness there were more errors because of it, so this inevitably became the bigger issue.

So the next task is to go back to modelling and start the odd end pieces, meaning the bullets and asteroids. These I have left til the end due to not feeling they were as important as the characters because I wanted to get a great look in the game. Now though I can add to the aesthetics by getting the small pieces built. After that I’ll put a new updated version on my site for people to play and then I’ll move onto porting the game to a mobile version.


Until next time, keep working game developers 😛


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