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New Playable Build

So I have finally added in all the models to the game and I’m quite proud. I’ve actually seen this project through like I planned and yes there’s been times when I’ve left it and thought about doing something else, but I haven’t, I’ve stuck with it from start to finish.  It’s been a very long time in building and I’ve learnt a lot and the project has changed over time because of that. Sometimes I’ve gone back and rewrote entire pieces of code just because I learnt something new or it looked messy from when I first started it.  The modelling Qubicle has been interesting as well as fun and I never thought I would ever do any modelling so I got to say I enjoyed the experience of it and would definitely use Qubicle again, I would try other modelling tools but I think it would be best to stick with that. As for Unity really like the engine, I followed TornadoTwins years ago when they first made that worm game and the engine has been awesome to use. I would use it again in a heartbeat, but there is always other ones out there that I know of and am very intrigued about using (Including UDK which I have used before). I love making games and I’ve loved doing this. I can now sit back and think about other ideas and projects I could do.

All that’s truly left now is renaming the Credits tab on the load screen into Options and sticking the controls in there so people know how to play it just in case they don’t read it on my site. The other thing on my mind is, I would love to get this out there to people and put it on some indie website for people to download and play, rather than just linking everything to my website. The problem I have though is the Unity licence, yes I can put a build on my site for the odd person to see however I can’t distribute it and for that I need the Pro version. I just wish though I could choose t only purchase the Web part and not have to buy the entire platforms selection. Oh well this is something I have got to take into consideration and maybe think about for another time and do some saving!

Anyway take a look for yourselves and if there’s any ideas or issues let me know. But most importantly….HAVE FUN! 😀


  • W – Forward
  • A – Rotate Left
  • S – Backward
  • D – Rotate Right
  • Spacebar – Shoot
  • B – Boost (When its unlocked)

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