The Juggernaut That is….The Blue Boss Complete

So quite a few days ago I last did my post about the juggernaut of a model I wanted to build for the blue boss. I also reckoned that because the other models took a week to complete (due to only spending time on them twice a week), this one would take longer. However after spending time looking at concept art, fantasy drawing and other video game spaceships, I knew what I wanted from it and therefore spent everyday working on it since. This has led to what I think is the best one I have done, practice makes perfect after all and I am in absolute awe over it.


Its made up of three parts, the central command centre and the two tanks on each side. I really do like what I’ve done and get a Titanic type feeling from the two side units, but with ‘wings’ and a massive gun at the front. the two side units themselves are something (in my opinion) you’d see in a game like Halo after fighting away a load of enemy ships, would appear and you’d have to fight that off and a tone more smaller sized ships. Hopefully then the players will also feel this and then get DAAAAAAMN go thought there head, or something of equivalence.

I have also now implemented all the models into the game, making the next thing I have to do is play test it to check collisions, sizing, speeds and overall make sure they fit the game. This could be quite a few days work and I look forward to it. Also something I haven’t given any thought towards in a while is the bonus level, so I’m going to have to check that as well. I may put up a video at some point to show the progression and me play testing the game.


Power Ups! Power Ups! Power Ups!

Since the last update there hasn’t been much happening due to Christmas and New Year holidays, but after that long time of and food eaten it’s time to return.

In the past week I have been finishing of the power ups for the game. I came up with five different ones, each giving the player a slight advantage over the enemies, they are “Shield”, “No Weapon Cap”, “Weapon Spray”, “Extra Health” and “Invincible”. Now shield, invincible and extra health are self explanatory , however I’ll explain the others. The players weapon is capped to a certain amount of bullets to fire at once and when they reach that, the player will have to wait a few seconds before they can shoot again, basically simulating a weapon overheating. As the game progresses the weapon cap will increase and therefore the weapon cap power up will mean for a short amount of time, there will be no cap or ‘over heating’ and the player can proceed to shoot over and over again.

Also with the weapon, one bullet shoots out for every button press, very obvious I suppose. Therefore the Weapon Spray power up will shoot out a constant amount of bullets for the length of time the player holds the shoot button.

Most of the power ups have a time limit to make sure that the player doesn’t have too much of an advantage. The “Shield” and “Extra Health” don’t as they’ll just run out by the player being shot anyway.

Now with these done, well unless I can think of any others or feel they need tweaking, I am going to move onto the GUI. It’s about time I moved onto sorting that so that myself and more importantly the player, will know where they are and what’s going on. Believe me it’s been bugging me up till now.

In the mean time if anyone thinks of any other power up ideas let me know.

Green Boss and Beyond

So the past few weeks has been about implementing the green boss, which if you don’t remember from the the last post, is to be made up of three shuttles and at after you take off a certain amount of health they’ll split up and attack separately. Once one is destroyed the remainder will join together until you take more health. A this point the last two will split and attack separately until you kill one. Now your down to the last one you just need to destroy it to kill the boss entirely. As I put it, the idea sounds similar to the idea of the megazord of the power rangers haha.

Anyway, I found this to be very hard and it never seemed to work in the way I imagined it to. After a long time fighting to get this to work, I have decided to have it just be one whole unit. Yes this seems like I’m being defeated but the idea isn’t being completely knocked on the head, instead it’s being put on the side until the game’s in further development and I have had more time to look at the idea. Another thing I think which is holding it back is the AI was awful so, better practice with AI and maybe it’ll work.

Well with all that aside, the green boss is completely implemented and ready for action. Next stop the blue’s. 

Actually already underway, the blue enemies are done and I am jut starting on their boss as of writing this. I’ve had a few ideas of what to do for this guy and hopefully turn into something good. For the basic look of this boss, just like the rest I have been looking around online looking at images of spaceships to try and get a feel for what I want this one to look like. Obviously it won’t be what it ultimately will look like at the end, instead it’s just to design a placeholder which has a feel for what I want it to look like later on. 

I am also tweaking some the bugs from the start of the game up to the green boss ready for a build and run test. Once done I will make a video and post it up.