What is going on

Recently I have been thinking about what I have left to do with this project and what I want to do afterwards.  The music and sound effects are being implemented, however that leads to the need of money due to not being able to make them myself. The other thing is publishing, am I going to properly release it or just stick it on my website as an example of what I can do for my portfolio. 

Because I obviously need to pay for the unity license and I would actually like to get it out there for more than just friends and potential employers to see, therefore I will need a full unity license, this again costs money. 

Therefore my plans now, are to build it for a fixed resolution and leave it as a basic game and put it on my website as a showcase of my work. In the mean time I will start to a new project using C++ and OpenGL because let’s face it companies want C++ experience and I would love to show what I can do in it. 

So I will soon put a page on my portfolio site for the RGB project with a video demo and playable demo of it. Then I will move onto this C++ project. The C++ with be a 3D platformer, kind of like crash bandicoot (well that’s the plan anyway).


Sounds and music chosen, Now for implementation

Well it’s been a while hasn’t it. Okay so I’ve been rather busy as of late outside of this little project, so the kind of easy task of choosing sound effects and music for the game has been pushed back and pushed back. However I have finally made a list of tracks I like and where and how they’ll be used.

I went round a lot of websites for tracks and some were just unbelievably good. So many in my opinion are so good I’m surprised know ones every used them in mainstream songs and films, these independent guys and gals are just so talented.

Anyway back on track (pun intended), after looking on a few sites I came across Audio Jungle and found quite a few brilliant sound tracks I could purchase and use for this game. I also came across a fair few great sound effects, which will make this game sound amazing.

Now I have this track list, I will be purchasing them one by one as I implement them in the game.

So off I go once more in my return to coding and making this game sound awesome!

I have some GUI woooooo!

So for the past week or so, in preparation for a new job which I’ll be working nights, I have been very busy sorting out the GUI of the game. I started out by creating a good looking main menu. I started out by using the GUI layouts that Unity provides and found it to be good but very dull so I looked around online for tips on how to make GUIs in Unity and a most people seemed to suggest NGUI. Therefore I downloaded the free version to get to grips with it and see how it works. I must say I am impressed there’s a lot of pretty cool things that can be done with it. The design for the main menu is based on a drawing I did a while ago, when I started this, which was the players spaceship being chased by three spaceships one off each colour, with a a planet in the background. So I have tried to recreate this and put the game title and buttons on the left handside. For the buttons, so far I have three, therefore I have gone with each one having the colour of the enemy bosses, with the hover overs being the yellow of the player.

For the pause menu I didn’t go for using the NGUI as I found out how to do some cool things that can be done with the GUI styles and therefore because I really liked some of the things that could be done with GUI styles so I decided to using that for the pause menu and game over menu. It is very basic but I really like it and I think it works. I have also tried to style it like the main menu to keep the themes the same.

Along with messing around with the GUI I came across more bugs…as always, so I have managed to fix them. Seriously though, why all the bugs!! 😦 Oh well it means progress and also means there will be less bugs near the end and hopefully I’ll send out considerably less bugs.

With fixing bugs, it has also got me thinking about what is actually left to do in this game and so I have made a list. The problem with this, as I’ve gone along I cross them off then add new things and this has been happening over and over. This has led to the creation of three rewrites and hopefully this last one will be the be all end all.

So here is that “last” list:

  • Sound effects and Music
  • Background for the main level, to make it actually look like the player is in space and have it move along with the direction of the player (This maybe hard?)
  • Models – I plan to ‘attempt’ to do these myself in quebical constructor. However if I feel they aren’t good enough or I just can’t do it, then I will look at getting someone else to do them.

So here comes the sounds…finally I will actually be able hear stuff in the game!!

Power Ups! Power Ups! Power Ups!

Since the last update there hasn’t been much happening due to Christmas and New Year holidays, but after that long time of and food eaten it’s time to return.

In the past week I have been finishing of the power ups for the game. I came up with five different ones, each giving the player a slight advantage over the enemies, they are “Shield”, “No Weapon Cap”, “Weapon Spray”, “Extra Health” and “Invincible”. Now shield, invincible and extra health are self explanatory , however I’ll explain the others. The players weapon is capped to a certain amount of bullets to fire at once and when they reach that, the player will have to wait a few seconds before they can shoot again, basically simulating a weapon overheating. As the game progresses the weapon cap will increase and therefore the weapon cap power up will mean for a short amount of time, there will be no cap or ‘over heating’ and the player can proceed to shoot over and over again.

Also with the weapon, one bullet shoots out for every button press, very obvious I suppose. Therefore the Weapon Spray power up will shoot out a constant amount of bullets for the length of time the player holds the shoot button.

Most of the power ups have a time limit to make sure that the player doesn’t have too much of an advantage. The “Shield” and “Extra Health” don’t as they’ll just run out by the player being shot anyway.

Now with these done, well unless I can think of any others or feel they need tweaking, I am going to move onto the GUI. It’s about time I moved onto sorting that so that myself and more importantly the player, will know where they are and what’s going on. Believe me it’s been bugging me up till now.

In the mean time if anyone thinks of any other power up ideas let me know.

Sound effects and music

So I have spent today laying out how I would like the shields to work and what ideas I have for the bonuses. However in that time my mind has been side tracked with the constant notice of lack of sound effects in my game. I must admit, It gets a tad old playing over and over again with no sound. This had led to me this evening looking at sound effects and music online. The music I have been looking at will go on the splash screen, menu and during play. To be honest I have never really looked at music online like this before and was really surprised at how good they are. When ever someone talks about using royalty free music or that they got music online, I always tend to think it would probably be awful. However these were really good and there that good, they feel like something I would listen to normally.

I haven’t bought any yet due to wanting to get a feel for the game once complete, before I go and purchase and add music or sound to the game. However I do look forward to when I do as I believe it will really bring the game alive and the music will indeed be really good.

Scores and code effeciency

This weeks on and off task has been to implement the score system for the game giving the player the reason to actually want to play. Well this system has now been implemented, each set of enemies get a different score, the reads get the lowest and the blues get the highest. With the bosses get slightly higher scores than their basic enemies of their tribes.

One thing I realized when starting this was that I needed to pass the score from the main level to the bonus level, if the player managed to get to there. So this has led me to re-write and replace the manager script from the floor object to an empty game object. This is because when you pass the score over, you keep the script alive and unfortunately both levels have the floor and so it caused problems. These “problems” did give me a reason to go through my code and re-write a few things to make them more efficient and also easier to follow. As well as realizing there were a few things in there that weren’t even being used, so naturally they have been deleted.

The next step is to look at shields and bonuses which will aid the player in their battle to survive. Some bonuses will give the player more health, more points, better weapons and special abilities. These abilities aren’t very many at the moment but before all is said  and done I will add more. I’ve been thinking of a few as I have gone on with the project and I am sure to think of more, before all is said and done.

On that note looking at my list there isn’t much less. However each time I tick something off I add another thing to it. Oh the joys, sometimes feels like 1 step forward and 2 steps back. But hey that makes for a better game at the end right? The one thing I have added to this list is the GUI because yes that had been forgotten about so far and as you may see from the videos, there isn’t much and you can’t tell when a round starts or ends, or even the score that has now been implemented.

Til next time ;D

Blue Boss Complete! Bonus Level in place!

So this weekend has been rather productive. The blue boss level is fully in place an raring to go. This one I do believe will be rather challenging for the player but also really enjoyable. Now that the level in is place the main game is fully complete and this feels like quiet an achievement really especially after the rather annoying time trying to make that green boss and trying to make it do different things.

No though with that out of the way, the bonus level has been started on and is functioning as well. The only thing left to do is change the position of the health bars due to the fact that up until this point, each of the bosses health bars have been at the bottom of the screen and it didn’t occur to me until implementation, that in this bonus level all three health bars are on top of each other. Well once this is fixed, it’s on to sorting out the players score and health and that’s the basics of the games done. Oh I cannot wait.

I’ll post a video of the blue rounds and blue boss soon.